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اهلين والله .........وطولت الغيبة شوي علينا منيح انك رجعت يالله بسرعه ادخل وضيف مشاركاتك
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هلاًَ بكم - أيها الزائرون الكرام- في منتدى شباب وصبايا الجامعة الهاشمية، الذي نسعى من خلاله الى تسليط الضوء على هذه الجامعة: واقعاً ومعرفة. فها هي الجامعة التي تحمل أجل الأسماء وأحبها إلى قلوبنا،ولنرفع راية العلم وننشر افاق المعرفة .

اهلا وسهلا فيكم نحن مسرورين بوجودكم بيننا وارجو التفاعل معناوالان ابدأ عملك بالنقر على خيار ( المنتدى ) في الاعلى واتحفنا بمشاركاتك
................................زاهلا وسهلا فيكم نحن مسرورين بوجودكم بيننا وارجو التفاعل معنا والان ابدأ عملك واتحفنا بمشاركاتك
أعلان :. قريبا جدا سوف يتم تعيين المشرفيين للمنتدى فأرجو منكم تكثيف مشاركاتكم ليتم اختياركم
اسرة منتديات شباب الجامعه الهاشمية تتمنى عيد سعيد .............. وكل عام وانتم بخير



    عبق فواح في أرجاء المنتدى
    عبق فواح في أرجاء المنتدى

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    Mammography is a specific type of imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray (usually around 0.7 mSv) system to examine breasts. A mammography exam, called a mammogram, is used to aid in the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women.
    An x-ray (radiograph) is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. Imaging with x-rays involves exposing a part of the body to a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body. X-rays are the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging.

    The Procedure of mammography :-
    The beginning of the examination

    • chose the size of the table will be based on the breast and the pressure.
    • Clean-ray device.
    • Select point and therefore proved imaging device in the radiation situation appropriate.
    • selected from any corner of the room will be filming.
    • Put a camera in the place reserved for him.
    • Make sure that the Mrs. and devices in place completely.
    • Place the breast in the place reserved for him at the examination.
    • Make sure that the patient in a comfortable position.
    • Make sure that the patient does not wear any accessories such as sunglasses and Actavha in the case and her body limp.
    • Make the process of pressure on the breast slowly and make sure that the attention of the installed system completely under the pressure.
    • presentation of breast X-ray.
    • highest organ of the pressure immediately.
    • Get out the tape from the location of the development of a tape of the work of another image in the other status.
    • Turning to the camera follows.

    4.4.3 Operation pressure

    The radiographer to understand the importance of the success of the pressure in the Almamujram. Therefore, it is very necessary that the breast may be exposed to enough pressure to reach the desired result when the camera Almamujram.

    Pressure used for the following reasons: --
    • to reduce the proportion of the radiation, thus improving the final form of the image.
    • process pressure reduces the density of the chest and thus make the tissue in a good position to reach the required image.
    • reduce the radiation dose.
    • reduce the images to determine the clear result of the movement by pressing.

    News must be patient on the operation of the pressure of the breast prior to the commencement of the examination, because many women feel disturbed and pain of that process. Therefore the technical ray Media Ms. examined the importance of the process is intended to pressure the breast and that it will not last more than a few minutes but it is to get good images so as not to harm the breast. This pressure and the proportion borne by women varies from woman to another, if the breast examination on Ms. very sensitive, it is possible to postpone the date to a later date when the breast is less sensitive. I repeat, must be fully compressed breast, but not too much until we get a good photo.

    It is noted that women may bear the pressure better if Tvhemen well need it. Experience has shown that women accept the pressure on the breast and the best they can say when the pressure can be unbearable. This must be drawn well in the application of pressure to be slowly and with careful attention to the promotion of women through the process of pressure as the technical ray observation of women in the application. In excess of the required pressure will only cause pain to women.

    It is worth noting that women bear the pressure varies from woman to another.

    4.4.4 the process of establishing the breast

    The installation process for the development of breast imaging Balmamujram is the art itself. In assessing the outcome of Almamujram the situation wrong could cause problems. Therefore, it is very important that the technical skill of a high-rays when you install the breast, it is important to get the technical ray sufficient time to complete the process and give the patient adequate attention so that it can produce good images.
    The examination process should take about 30 minutes.

    Modes are used:
    1 - upper lower: or (Velip header): the dimensions of the laid-back shoulder, collarbone on the course of radiation
    2 - Side:
    3 - in italics: (angle of 45 degrees): its importance in that it shows the axillary tail of the breast is the upper section of the savage breast
    4 - axillary: the patient stands with the rotation of 30 degrees toward the affected area with the lifting arm 90 degrees and focus the main beam under the armpit of 5 cm and this is used to demonstrate the axillary tail of the breast.

    ** Note:

    Mammography device can scan regular and always portray the right and the left breast for comparison.

    # General rules:

    1 - the film used (24 cm * 30 cm)
    2 - Directing the film (R-L)
    3 - always used cassette on mammography because it contains a single board to show the fine details of soft tissues and show Altklsat soft

    The following errors generally lead to poor images: --
    • to be a much lower breast cancer screening and thus uncomfortable for the woman on the examination
    • the pressure produced by the images of the weak and vulnerable is not clear
    • because of the skin folds under the breast
    • not to withdraw the breast tissue forward, to the extent required
    • nipple not in the right place

    The following suggestions for a number of tests in that respect

    European Protocol, paragraph No. X-ray exposure control automatically
    x-ray machine Daily Structured film player
    Examination and cleaning of the screen tapes
    cleaning Daily or weekly X-ray exposure automatically with the settings and try again x-ray machine Change of intensity - AEC -- The quality of the picture Delivery of the movie screen tapes yearly Sensitivity and the absorption of radiation
    3.2.4 Output light
    Sharp edges all organs Continuous observations
    Freedom of movement
    Brakes / locks or keys
    Tapes with high strength
    Foot-operated keyboard
    Cable and wire
    The pace of liberalization of the pressure in the emergency
    Lights to warn

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